Things, and also stuff.

I'm Wraak. Artist, character factory, professional pest.


This guy. Because he's the only thing people wanna see apparently

It meeee. I was having fun.

Old oc design. Might print some stickers of her. :o.

More Helnu. Cause he's the thing people seem to wanna see on my sm accounts.

Imma eventually settle for a ref image of this bastard sandwich if it kills me.

iPad sketch and lazy coloring.

people on here seem to like Helnu so ehh

Anyone on here into ball joint dolls. ouo'

Shitty ref for my shitty boi

Started as doodle. But it stopped being a doodle. D:

Bored and want practice. :c Anyone want their OC drawn with Helnu? :o

For testing vinyl sticker sheets I have coming in today. :o

Image is actually swiped out of Helnus character sheet im working on.

When I want to draw my OCs interacting with others, but cant cajuse I dont have many friends with OCs. :/

Soon I'll be off work for the weekend. And I can draw *u*

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Do y-you want to be my friend?

foodforfaeries -

I really want to make more friend's here on Waterfall because I really really hate twitter.

Things I like:

-FE 3 Houses, FE Fates just for Niles, Danganronpa (I wasn't in the fandom though), MP100, Watership Down, The Hobbit and TLOTR (I know it's flawed), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Undertale, ATLA, These are the Mysteries, Pandora Hearts, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Still need to finish Assasination Classroom, Etrian Odyssey, Dungeons and Dragons and other TTR games.

Things I draw:

-Monsters, Furries, Pr0n, Pretty boys

I also write and would love to do more forum roleplay someday, sigh.

Why is it so hard to list the things you like of the top of your head when it's important? TBH Even if we have no common interests if you want to be friends let's be fuckn friends let's DO IT. I am an EXTROVERT and I have ENERGY TO GIVE.

Reblog if you want to be my friend.

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Hey, I need more folks to follow on here. Repour this if you post or repour:

  1. fiction writing (fantasy or scifi especially)

  2. original character art

  3. Homestuck, MDZS, Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer art

  4. nature art

  5. ask games or memes

  6. or if you do role playing

If these aren't you but you know you have mutuals who reblog these things, just repour this to signal boost please, I'm trying to avoid the blue site as much as possible and I need more folks to follow.

Very old. But was fun to draw.

Drawing of my friends undertale OC/AU Gaster

Done for practice on my new tablet. I feel like I can finally paint again without it constantly disconnecting on me. O^O

Hav garbage boi

it cropped weird. Will fix eventually.

cosmicrot asked:

your art is lovely!

Aww thank you! :o

Older art. Was practicing new painting techniques for commission stuff. But im proud of it.

Something... something...

Procreate practice. Didnt really get the feel for what I wanted. But hey its something.